Immaculate Conception Church | About Us

Stir Into Flame the Gift of God!

We have all been graced by God in our Baptism so that we can minister to one another and give apostolic witness to the world about the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

God has given us everything: life, family, talents, a livelihood, faith, eternal life, and more.

In response to God's generosity, a Christian needs to offer up these gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure (material resources) for the service both of the Church and of the wider community.

There are many volunteer opportunities here at Immaculate Conception. These opportunities are varied and their focus fall under four main categories: Worship (our liturgical and prayer life), Word (our work in education), Community (growing in our communal love) and Service (extending ourselves in loving service).

Anyone wishing to volunteer can do so online or contact the Rectory.